Viaggio 旅 Online Solo Exhibition

Viaggio 旅 is about the Journey of life. Seeing the extremely thoughtful and yet highly story-telling paintings of Maki Kuchida signifies entering into this journey, blend in and be inspired along the way.

It’s an amazing experience appreciating the works of Maki Kuchida, from very surreal works like in the “Mystic Drawers” (2020) then suddenly a serene landscape “Pastoral” (2018) and finally viewers are brought to a tranquil state when they catch sight of “Morning Mist” (2020).

As in the journey of life, surprises come along – take a glimpse at “The Darkness Helps all to Shine” (2020), the protagonist girl lives in a big city, in the dead of night she looks from her balcony, a big tree is shinning and lightening up the surrounding. Sometimes we think we are all alone, but it’s just not the case. Another work, “Knitting the Chaos” (2018), what? The man is knitting in front of a fancy wall, behind the wall there are all sorts of possibilities, and who says a man can’t knit? The sky’s the limit.

We invite you to go along the journey with Maki and discover life yourself.

Artwork in Situ