Moments of Life – Mireia Serra and Joan Artigas

A delicate and artsy wall sculpture collection by two emerging Spanish artists, Joan Artigas Planas and Mireia Serra, who document the subtle sensations of ambient stillness in our everyday life.

Joan and Mireia draw inspirations from their passion for life and the interesting people around them. Using “human” as a subject matter to their arts, Joan and Mireia observe and capture the precious moments in their daily life, as well as the sensuous interactions between people to create distinctive and intriguing bronze figurative wall sculptures. Be it a lady who longed for liberty and freedom looking for a private space for solitude and a rest from the life of routines and monotony, while envisioning her dream life to be filled with cheers and contentment, or a pair of couple sitting side by side, sharing the scenery, vision of life and the simple joy of living in the present…… these moments of life substantially connect and enlighten our inner world.

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Exhibition Highlight