Suzanne Chim

CHIM Wing-san, Suzanne graduated from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts with BA (Hons) Degree of Fine Art in theatre technical arts, Suzanne further studied in the United Kingdom and graduated with a MFA from the Cambridge School of Art, Anglia Ruskin University with major in children’s book illustration. Suzanne draws with a pleasant sense of subtle nostalgia, with works that have motifs about childhood, memories and impressions. Sometimes she draws with extremely delicate fine lines but with a childlike simplicity – a girl playing with small toys , or portraits and landscape works drawn with mono-tone fine lines using ballpen or charcoal pen. Some of her still life works show how she masters her drawing skills – just a few simple lines will outline and capture the essence of the subject, she aptly and tactfully demonstrates what is meant by “less is more” in her drawings, allowing the viewers to connect themselves to her works through boundless imaginations with a delightful tranquility.
At present Suzanne lives and works in Hong Kong.

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