Shahad Dawood

Shahad Dawood, an abstract artist, was born in Baghdad in 1988 and raised in Amman, Jordan. Shahad’s painting style is inspired by the celestial dimension where she entertains dreams of touching the surface of other planets. Having graduated from the Amman Al-Ahliyeh University with a diploma in Graphic Design and Interior Design, she embarked on her artistic journey as a full time artist having her atelier in Amman. Shahad hopes that when exploring her art one would feel the place of freedom and liberation she experiences when creating them. She employs various mixed media and different colour mixing techniques. She is active in the Jordanian art scene as a prominent female artist whose works are enlightened by nature’s different textures and the celestial vastness. Shahad’s work “Mountains” was auctioned in 2017 at the King Hussein Cancer Foundation Art Auction for a charity cause. Collectors of Shahad’s works include Expedia’s head office in Jordan and collectors from Italy and Dubai. At present she lives and works in Amman, Jordan.

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