Sarah Aller

Sarah Aller, an assemblage artist, was born in New York City of the United States in 1979. Raised in Brooklyn, New York she has always had a love of art and grew up performing on the off-Broadway stage and taking classes for young artists at Parsons School of Design and the New York University. She earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts and graduated cum-laude from the reputable art department of State University of New York at Purchase in 2001. Raised between Brooklyn and the rural countryside of Vermont where her extended family resides, Sarah has often found her inspiration from experiences between the two contrasting environments. Her works often reflects her affection for family, character, environment and the growth that comes from transition. Sarah invites us to explore her interests in life experience, human nature and performance through the assemblage of her variables. These include various image transfer techniques of her own drawings and photography as well as found imagery and materials. In 2011 she married and moved to Como, Italy where she currently lives and works.

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