Rinske Sabine Kuiper

Dutch photographer Rinske S. Kuiper came to live in Hong Kong in 2010 where she started taking photos to capture moments and glimpses of Hong Kong and other Asian cities. She creates realistic street photographs demonstrating a fascination with urban life, the people and the cityscape. Rinske likes to capture life as it happens around her. Her photos are snapshots of every day moments allowing the audience an opportunity to take note of the everyday world in motion. Rinske’s works are featured in various magazines and as covers of the publications of the Dutch Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong.

“…My photography is about the things we walk by, we see them, but do we really? We are often lost in our devices, I like to think that I make the daily scenes accessible to many by communicating through my camera lens…. . It’s the authentic everyday happenings that I love to capture. Some may consider these scenes mundane, but documenting the highlights of what many may simply not “see”…” Rinske S. Kuiper.

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