René Rikkelman

At a young age René became fascinated by drawing and painting and modeled figurines from clay. After the Academy of Advertising Design he worked for twelve years as an advertising and decoration painter and in 1988 he set up his atelier in Amsterdam.

René is a multidisciplinary artist, he is interested in exploring new materials and is engaged in creating artworks of various forms, materials and techniques. René’s sculptures, modeled in wax or clay and then cast in bronze, are often stylized figures in which he is searching for a seductive line or a sensual shape. Apart from the form, he gives the patina of the sculptures a lot of attention. By experimenting with acids that interact with the materials, he can achieve surprising results. At present René lives and works in Amsterdam.

Academy of Advertising Design, Amsterdam
Estor Drawing Academy, Amsterdam

Permanent Collections
Galerie Astrid Cornelisse, Haarlem, The Netherlands
Galerie Amsterdam, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Art Gallery Rozendaal, Montfort, The Netherlands
So Art Gallery, Amsterdam, The Netherlands