Martin Copier

Martin graduated from the St. Joost Academy of Fine Arts in Breda in the Netherlands in 2005. The works of Martin Copier are layered with a special technique that gives a 3-dimensional geometric perspective and a textural feel.  One experiences the harmony of an architectural balance and the peace of mind when appreciating his amazing canvas paintings. He paints with a strong sense of intimacy, as if his intent was to unveil his own personal world full of cosmic secrets, which is his private universe. It is interesting to see  how he influences the space and creates an area of tension within this space by adding elements such as openings, lines, light and shades. You are invited to immerse into his works and enter a new universe. He challenges the viewer to open up to his own world. Appreciating his works is an intriguing journey of light, space, time and color that triggers our own boundless imagination. His works are full of minimalistic beauty that offer tranquility to our mind and soul.

Martin’s works were exhibited in major museums in the Netherlands – Museum of Amstelveen in 2013 Museum of Gouda in 2015Breda Museum in 2015Museum of Opsterlan Gorredijk in 2016Museum of Gorinchem and Museum “De Fundatie” Zwolle in 2017.

At present Martin lives and works in Werkendam, Southern Netherlands.

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