Laura Iniesta

Laura Iniesta is a native of Barcelona, she studied art there where her first exhibitions were held. Laura has exhibited and lived for a long time in South America during which she was influenced by the tropical exuberance and this experience is reflected in her creative style.

Laura set up her studio after returning to Barcelona, and from there she worked for exhibitions and projects at national and international level. Laura’s artworks are gestural, raw, bold and direct with great visual impact and sense of balance. Her works possess a huge aesthetic strength and enormous capacity to move the viewers, leading them usually into deep ponder and amazes.

Permanent Collections:

  • Applus Collection, Spain
  • Deloitte Collection, Spain
  • The Vila Casas Foundation, Spain
  • The Bassat Collection of Contemporary Art, Spain
  • The Ernesto Ventós Collection, Spain
  • “Barcelona-Shanghai”, “Rauxa” and “Seny” – Monumental Murals commissioned for
    installation at the China Europe International Business School (CEIBS), China

Featured Artworks