Keishi Sakurai

Keishi Sakurai was born in 1974. Graduated from the Tokyo University of Arts in 1999 with major in Nihonga (Japanese Painting), Keishi applies natural mineral pigments, rock paint, natural stone and hide glue on Japanese paper to create his paintings. Keishi’s works bring a gentle feeling of serenity, viewers experience a blissful sense of tranquility when appreciating his works. At present Keishi lives and works in Tokyo.

Key Achievements
2002- Yuga no Kai / Japan Rehabilitation Association President’s Award
2003- Kawagoe Biennale Exhibition / Honorable Mention
2004- Sesshu no Sato/Grand Prize
2004- Maeda Seison Contest/Grand Prize
2009- Four Seasons Drawing Onomichi Exhibition/Silver Prize
2019- Seed Yamatane Museum of Art Japanese Painting Award
Currently alumni of the Japan Art Institute.

Permanent Collections
– Ministry of Justice – Okayama Soja City, Nakatsugawa City, Kawagoe City, Onomichi City, Japan
– Shinshu Takato Art Museum, Japan
– Sato Sakura Art Museum, Japan

Featured Artworks