Joachim Seitfudem 

Works of Joachim embody a profound exploration of the human condition, delving into the realms of souls, dreams, death, and the inexorable passage of time. Joachim’s artistry captures a unique blend of aesthetics and introspective symbolism, evoking a sense of mystery and contemplation. Many of his pieces depict human figures, these sculptures exude a sense of transcendence, as if frozen in a moment suspended between life and death, the corporeal and the spiritual.

Joachim’s sculptures stand as powerful testaments to the depths of the human experience. Through his unique fusion of symbolism and introspection, he invites us to confront our own mortality, reflect upon the brevity of life, chase dreams, cherish each passing moment and live in the here and now. At present Joachim lives and works in Bavaria, Germany.


2004-2005 Oberammergau State School of Sculpture, Germany
2005-2007 Apprenticeship with master sculptor Hans-Joachim Seitfudem
2007-2010 Worked in Australia and Würzburg-Germany
2010-2018 Opened Atelier in Bristol UK
2016 The Open University, United Kingdom

Key Achievements & Awards

2019 – Art-Nordic Award Kopenhagen, Denmark
2018 – Coburger Kunst Preis, Germany
2016 – Featured in Beautiful.Bizarre Art- Magazine, Germany
2008 – Champion of the County in Germany in the Discipline of Wood Sculpture
2007 – Champion in the Discipline of Wood Sculpture in Southern Bavaria

Permanent Collection

mSE Kunsthalle – Museum for Contemporary Art, Unterammergau, Germany

Featured Artworks