Jill Ogilvy

Following a classical training at the Simi School in Florence in the early 1980’s, Jill Ogilvy began her career as a portrait artist at her home in Scotland. She later trained in graphics in London and worked for some years in the publishing industry, designing and illustrating children’s books. After moving to the Languedoc in France, she established an international painting school, and held her first solo show in 1993. After relocating back to the UK, Jill Ogilvy established a studio in Cambridge, where she continues her painting and printmaking practice. She is also a registered Art Therapist. In her recent mixed media paintings Jill Ogilvy explores a sense of identity and relationship through shape and form. Inspired by Japanese design, they are concerned with the inner world of the psyche, and the concept of feelings and emotions ‘contained’ within a boundary. Oil pigment and decorative art papers are encapsulated between wax layers, creating a smooth lustrous sheen on the surface, and a protective ‘skin’ to the outside world.

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