Ilaria Franza

Ilaria Franza is inspired by the Romanticism.  Water is at the heart of her works. It is for this reason that the mediums of Ilaria Franza’s works are water-based colors (ecoline, ink and acrylic). Hers are works of patience that emerge from the water, to blend with colors. The water and the colors are shifted, moved and channeled. With technical gestures, focused and precise, Ilaria moves the canvas in a  thoughtful and meticulous slow dance to achieve the shapes and forms. It makes her prone to using any painting instruments: rags, brushes, spatulas and droppers. Drying with the air, her paintings reveal new forms which are previously hidden. Each painting is a discovery of unknown with pleasing surprise. At present Ilaria lives and works in Milan, Italy .

Bachelor of Fine Arts, Brera Fine Arts Academy, Milan, Italy

Key Achievements
– Featured at the Cologne Interior Show with Cassina, January 2019
– Featured at Understate Milano, May 2018
– Featured at Palazzo Serbelloni with Gubi during the Milan Furniture Week, Apr 2018
– Featured in Vogue Living Australia, September 2018

Featured Artworks

“Somebody Likes it Blue” Online Exhibition

Ilaria’s paintings are expressive in their own way, they are abstract and somehow minimal, she develops a unique style that sets her apart from other painters and achieves critical acclaim.