Emi Shiratori

Emi Shiratori was born in 1979 in Sapporo, Japan. After graduation from the Hokkaido Art and Design College in 2000, Emi embarked on her artistic journey as an illustration artist and graphic designer. She founded her own design and art studio “Nano Graphic” in 2002 and since then she exhibited her works all over Japan.
Emi’s drawings and illustration works are distinguished through her cherishable hand-drawn style in vividly organic shapes and lines. She has a strong influence by the abundant nature of her birth place Hokkaido and she is deeply inspired by it, she reflects the organic forms, shapes, lines and colors in a unique and delicate way into her artworks. Flowers, green plants, trees and birds are principle motifs of many of her works which always give viewers a tender touch of freshness and joy. All these remind people of the calling of nature and its beauty. Emi also works on artwork projects for a wide ranging field, including projects related to music and interior design. At present Emi lives and works in Sapporo, Japan.

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