Andrea Alessandro, Andrea Bertoletti and Daniele Locci

Art and society are closely linked.

Three young visual artists from Milan using three different techniques, painting, woodcut xylography and digital art, to communicate their thoughts through their works. “I’ve a message…” is the most direct way to tell you what they are thinking which to a great extent reflects the mainstream thoughts of the contemporary time.

Viewing these works one can see a young man who tries to safeguard and uphold the value of freedom by constantly provoking you with strong visual elements, one has no chance to escape but be subtly forced to confront his challenges. another youngster expressing his frustrations about being asked to conform to the society’s code of attitudes and norms. A young student who aspires to be free and unique by wandering among various skyline silhouettes of the land of opportunities and dreams.

Right or wrong, don’t judge, open your heart and reach out to read the minds of these young artists, somewhere in time we were all young and shared the same passion for our society. Click below to learn more about the artists.

Andrea Alessandro, Andrea Bertoletti and Daniele Locci.

Exhibition Highlight