Pietro Finelli

Pietro Finelli, Italy

“….. I am thinking once more on the ultimate mystery of Pietro Finelli. A mystery beyond any such alphabet. No, not that there is anything inherently literary to Finelli¹s oeuvre, instead this litany suggests the “silence, exile and cunning” which still stands as one potential means of resistance. Resistance? Which artist today can possibly resist, or want to resist, the omnivorous, homogenizing pressure of our universal media-entertainment system, to fight the recuperative Ospectacle? Finelli is amongst the few willing to dodge and feint, duck and weave, box his way past this enemy (an enemy so ubiquitous, well integrated, that most artists have come to imagine it as friend instead), his tactics bantamweight and fly-footed, fast and sure. For over the last two decades Finelli has surely developed his own strategy, multi-form, many layered, hyper-sophisticated, by which to navigate/ negotiate our current ocean of image-culture, buck it.

Thus Finelli produces works in the widest possible variety of media, from drawings and paintings, to sculpture, installation, unnamable objects, pastels, video, text, murals, stone, not to mention commercial machines, the curating of exhibitions, a grouping and rallying of certain aesthetics, an army of plots…..” Text by Adrian Dannat, Art Critic

Pietro Finelli is architect then artist, he is extremely active in the Italian art scene and attained great success as painter. He is one of the most important artists in the contemporary art world of Italy. At present Pietro lives and works in Milan

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