Natalia Ferré

Natalia Ferré was born in 1969 in Tarragona, Spain. Natalia creates sculptures that evoke emotions. She has vast experiences of using different materials to create sculptures – bronze, ceramic and resin. Natalia’s works are exhibited in Germany, France, Italy, The Netherlands and the UK. At present Natalia lives and works in the Port Esportiu of Tarragona where her studio locates.

2021 – Sculpture selected for Award Sant Jordi, Bellpuig, Spain
2015 – Best Sculpture Award, Auvillar, France
1997 – Best Ceramic Award, Gouda, The Netherlands

Permanent Collections
2018 – “Homenatge a les Puntaires” Bronze sculpture installed at Salou. Tarragona. Spain.
2019 – “Homenatge al Ball de Bastons de Salou”  Bronze sculpture installed at Salou, Tarragona, Spain.