Karin Holmström

Karin is a full-time painter from Sweden. She took painting classes for over 5 years to learn and master the oil and acrylic painting skills, doing so for her love and passion for fine art. After the death of her father, she changed her career from a successful businesswoman in the fashion industry to go all-in for her love of art. Karin uses oil and acrylic and she paints with many layers in order to search for the feeling she wants. She calls herself a colorful life-explorer. The artworks by Karin reflect experiences of life and care for the wild. With blurred lines and only partially recognizable parts, in connection with the colors and shapes, she lets us connect with our feelings – the sense of security, freedom, love, strength but at the same time loneliness and strong sentiments. With her figurative abstract paintings, she opens the door for a dialogue and lets everyone seek the answers for themselves.

Karin’s works were featured on National Swedish TV, she won numerous art prizes and her works were shown in over 20 different exhibitions during the last years. She continuously develops and immerses herself in her imagery, colors and artistic world. Every year she donates and works with charity organizations leveraging her arts to arouse public interests on giving and helping those in need. At present Karin lives and works in Stockholm.

Featured Artworks