Tessa Baker, France


Born in London to creative parents – father an actor and mother a film and theatre designer., Tess’s love of art began. At twelve, Pollock, Rodin, Brigit Riley, Hoffman and Rothko – shone bright in her  imagination. Art school beckoned but it wasn't until years and many adventures later that she stopped to paint professionally. Tess finally settled to stay in France to a luminous apartment in Valbonne, Provence and paints constantly. Exhibitions followed. Like the weather Tess is a seasonal painter. The winter months find her in her studio and with the first breath of Spring you will find her painting 'en plein air'. January sings out with almond blossom, swiftly chasing the bright yellow mimosa; tulips and iris’s come in hot pursuit. With May come the glorious red fields of poppies that stake their claim on the land. In June the purple of the lavender fields mingle sweetly with the delicate petals of the poppies. Then there’s the heat, the deep green of summer, the turquoise of the lakes. Late September in the vineyards the flaming, blazing beautiful hues of autumn…. There is so much inspiration in Provence for her work as an artist. Tess at present  continues to live and work in Provence, France.