Lisa Burenius,  Sweden


Lisa Burenius was born in 1963, graduated from The Department of Design and Crafts in Gothenburg and attained her  Master of Fine Arts in Applied  Arts and Crafts. She has been a professional artist since 1995 and has done numerous exhibitions, set design for theaters, public space design and workshops in colour and shape.


Lisa is a connoisseur in painting with daring colours.   The colour  itself and it´s physical presence play the main part in her works. The colours are often bright and shiny and her way of handling them is both structured  and chaotic. It could be a landscape or a cityscape. It could be a different kind of species not yet discovered.  It could be microscopic or macroscopic  looking through a microscope or even a map of an unknown place in an abstract way.


She registers colours,  shapes,  light and different kind of surfaces in nature  just to  be able to create an interpretation back in the studio.

Her works of art are created by layers of overlapping pain and pigments. Using brushes, knifes, paint scrapers or just pouring out the paint over a canvas. This helps her to create an abstract landscape which never has been seen before yet always recognizable in some way. At present Lisa lives and works in Varberg, Sweden.