Kinchoi Lam, Hong Kong


Kin Choi Lam is a media and illustration artist based in Hong Kong. He graduated from the School of Creative Media of the City University of Hong Kong with First Honours Degree. Kin Choi loves to contemplate the relations between daily life and contemporary arts and he also attempts to bring deeper human touch to his artworks. The drawings and illustrations of Kinchoi are delightfully intimate episodes that pack emotions, memories and sentiments in a small package through his amazing minimal drawing style: a cat curled sleeping on a floral blanket, a boy’s figure with a dark gray cloud for a head, a couple dancing or sitting on the swing etc.. His works aptly explain what is meant by "Little things that mean a lot" as well as "Less is more". No matter the subject matter, Kin Choi is able to extract the essence of feeling from each illustration with quick flicks of his wrist. At present Kin Choi lives and works in Hong Kong.