Giuseppe Bonacina, Italy


Giuseppe Bonacina, autodidact, was born in Bergamo, Italy.  In 1984 he held his first solo exhibition at the Gallery New Sphere of Milan cuarted by Alberico Sala. From that time onwards he participated in many artistic events and always receiving critical acclaim. Renowned Italian art critic Giuseppe Turroni wrote about him: “… In uno studio di silenziose atmosfere rarefatte in cui porre oggetti di uso quotidiano o sguardo poetico di silenzi e musiche che attraversano luoghi. Artista che punta sulla misura, sulla proprieta’, sull’equilibrio formale, cromatico e figurativo….”  (...In a studio of silent rarefied atmosphere in which everyday objects or  a poetic look of silence and music crossing places. The artist focuses on the space, size, on the property, form,  balance, color and figurative .... " Giuseppe Bonacina is capable of re-creating and painting themes on still life and on landscape and cityscape that give the viewers a new definition of space, form and time. Giuseppe Bonacina today lives and works in Seregno in the province of Monza and Brianza.