Francesco D'Adamo,  Italy


Francesco attended private painting classes since he was a child. His love for art never stops and he continues his artistic life dividing his time between painting and his music. He is guitar player of the Italian experimental rock band “ Nero di Marte” (in English Mars Black). Inspired by “Mars Black” which is an opaque, intense black pigment derived from iron oxides and in use in paintings since the beginning of the XX century, Francesco paints with quick passionate brush strokes stimulated by his music and uses a lot of intense pigments in his paintings. One can observe the rhythm of movements with quick  black lines and the flow of rock energy from most of his works, which is a synergy of contemporary music and fine arts. Francesco expresses his feelings and sentiments of arts, with inspirations by the Mars Black high color strength, combines sounds and images in his particular and unique synesthesia.  At present he lives and works in Bologna, Italy as a full-time painter.