Andrea Bertoletti, Italy


Andrea  Bertoletti  was born in  Milan in 1991.  Since childhood he has great passion in painting and this passion never stops throughout the years. He graduated  from Italy ’s top art institution  “Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera” in Milan in 2015.  Year 2007 marked his debut as a painter using mixed media on various materials. Under the approval from local government he painted on walls as a graffiti artist using sprays and enamels.  In his present works, Andrea Bertoletti brings in all the experiences gained from his street art period and merges to use various materials and techniques: paints, sprays, oil, acrylics and enamels.  One can see vivid colors created by enamel and acrylic but at the same time strokes and movements not only from paint brushes but also from spraying like when he paints on the walls. He successfully created a distinctive Bertoletti style, in the midst of his use of vivid colors and movements, shades of abstract expressionism prevail.